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17 years, yiwu shirtwaist eserkafel knitting factory many highlights such management

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-24
We often say: & other; Lin2 zi3 da4, what bird all have! ” Underwear processing as a very traditional manufacturing, various production and processing process, the need of personnel is more, manage a shirtwaist is never easy, underwear manufacturers can hire a professional elite management more difficult. Yiwu shirtwaist eserkafel knitting 17 years specializing seamless underwear manufacturers, more than 350 employees, an assembly line, annual production capacity of 12 million pieces of all kinds of seamless underwear, ms eserkafel knitting shirtwaist management is such operation. The end of each year, eserkafel knitting will convene shirtwaist all management and employees at a general meeting, set the overall goal of the next year shirtwaist, underwear processing requirements for the coming year, with good quality according to the delivery is completed, each staff at the same time to improve self consciousness on quality requirements. Shirtwaist specific implementation requires specific execution, first article inspection before every underwear processing every working procedure must be according to the execution of the standard, the customer requirements shall prevail, first article inspection by the process manager, technical personnel to the clothes IPQC personnel participation sign before. For underwear processing process quality management is to stringent standards & other; Don't accept bad product, don't make bad product, don't pass non-conforming & throughout; For the request. Each working procedure, every employee must clearly understand their own responsibility. Eserkafel knitting for 17 years, through a lot of underwear form suitable for processing practice shirtwaist wi, standard supervision, quality for the customer's underwear processing requirements no discount, each shirtwaist employees also consciously, underwear processing quality comes out of manufacture, not the inspection. For those who take the initiative to self-check, has the good quality of employees, give corresponding reward, for & other; About the same, probably, it seems & hellip; … ” Resolutely said & other; Don't & throughout; ! For those who muddle than & other form; Don't understand reason is not clear, responsibility, is not in place, implementation does not perform & throughout; Behavior established unique rejected! Underwear processing because involve a lot of manual labor, personnel is more, so the shirtwaist eserkafel knitting in early years ago also set up the quality department, related IPQC inspection standards, around & other; Order to collect data, control the variation, straight side show distribution, grasp key, spread to find relevant parker, don't look for differences, will find & throughout; Basic principles to discover problems, and puts forward corresponding preventive mechanism. Shirtwaist eserkafel knitting long ago from Japan's 5 s management rule, at the same time, the factory also through third-party ISO9001 certification, has been for production safety, for factory production area and warehouse area is tough anti-smoking law, put an end to all the possible safety accidents. Because of eserkafel knitting has a perfect system, so for many years, eserkafel knitting shirtwaist loved by many customers, and deducing the classical story! Yiwu eserkafel knitting & other; Eserkafel” — — Jinhua famous brand! Tel: + 86 18807953905 whatsapp/Skype: + 86 18807953905 email/E - 邮件:business@eserkafelsportswear。 com- - - Editor: eserkafel knitting electronic commerce & ndash; D save feed all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) Reprint please indicate the source
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