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by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-04

Aarkstore announce a new report 'China Apparel and Footwear Market - Sportswear Leading the Demand in Market' through its vast collection of market research report.

Executive Summary

The Report titled 'China Apparel and Footwear Market - Sportswear Leading the Demand in Market' provides a comprehensive analysis of the China apparel and footwear industry. The report covers market size of the apparel industry, segmentation on the basis of product, trends and development and future outlook of the apparel industry. It offers market information of the sportswear industry, market size, Competitive landscape and future outlook. The report also entails information on the footwear market and various macroeconomic indicators' current and future projections.

The size of the Chinese apparel market has increased from USD 47,194 million in 2003 onwards to USD 78,459 million in 2009 at a CAGR of 8.8%. A sharp decline in growth rate was registered in the year 2009, where the market slumped due to economic turmoil. The market declined from USD 95,540 million in 2008 to USD 78,459 million in 2009, registering a decline in growth of 17.9%.

Womenswear is the largest segment and held more than 50% of the market. Out of the total apparel market of USD 80,703 million, womenswear contributed USD 43,304 million. Menswear is the second largest segment in the market with the size of USD 23,620 million which is followed by kidswear market with the size of USD 8,858 million.

China's Kids' wear market has increased from USD 4,816 million in 2003 to USD 8,047 million in 2009 at a CAGR of 8.9%. The Kids' wear market registered a growth of 21.6% in 2008 and a subsequent decline of 22.1% in 2009.

China Sportswear industry structure has changed overtime in terms of business model and distribution platform. There are currently three prevalent working models in the industry - pure play brand management (such as Dongxiang), brand management along with retailing (such as Li Ning) and last but not the least, sportswear products manufacturing along with brand management (such as such as Xingquan and Anta sports). The companies following these business models are more commonly referred as Brand owners.

Consumer expenditure on Footwear per person has grown tremendously in the past from USD 7.5 in 2003 to USD 24.8 in 2008. The expenditure though witnessed a decline in 2009 to USD 18.9 due to the fall in growth rate of the economy. However, the average expenditure per capita recovered back to the level of 2008 by increasing to USD 25.8 in 2010. It is expected that the average consumer expenditure on Footwear will increase to USD 40.0 per person by 2013 and USD 49.1 per capita by 2015.

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