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Are there any other uses for tights?

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
  Sometimes we don’t understand why girls in sports like to wear tights and sports tights. Later, the editor finally understands. This is not only for better looks, but also for other reasons.

   The main purpose is to improve sports performance and promote recovery after exercise. In addition, it has the functions of stabilizing muscles, preventing thigh friction, promoting perspiration or heat preservation, sun protection, preventing venous thrombosis of the lower limbs during a long journey, and brightening.

   leggings have a good self-cultivation effect and are fashionable and versatile. They are undoubtedly a matching item that is sought after by fashion girls throughout the year. Tight pants and loose tops visually form a strong contrast between the top width and the bottom tightness, making the slimming effect more vivid!

   Loose top + leggings matching demonstration

   The loose white T-shirt is casual and generous and covers the upper body fat just right. With skinny jeans, simple and straightforward. Black short boots make the legs look slender and add a touch of coolness.
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