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Chic Yoga Women's Activewear

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-06

Yoga has grown as a fitness trend in recent years and more and more women have taken it up in order to stay healthy. As a relaxing form of exercise, yoga balances both the body and mind, harnessing the core, the most important part of the body. Whatever age group, yoga is good for nearly anyone. Since there are so many types of yoga to choose from, women can find a particular form that suits them. Companies like Cozy Orange have made a reputation for designing a line of yoga wear for women that strikes the right balance between fashion and functionality. Their line includes yoga pants in three distinct lengths, jackets, accessories and yoga tank tops. The newer items in their line are sure to be a hit with their customers. Sleek, trendy, and form-fitting, Cozy Orange covers the broad spectrum of yoga clothing.

Under the astrological sign, Pisces are known for their imagination, spirit, and drive. Inspired by these attributes, Cozy Orange has named their line accordingly to inspire active women. The Pisces tank ' available in Optic White & Frost Gray and Raven Black and Rosewood ' are perfect for a number of exercises, including pilates, barre, and running. This scoop tank features their Airy Mesh inlay that not only contours the body, but adds breathability during a workout. The adjustable bra top includes removable cup inserts and provides full coverage with its extra length. Made from their Supplex fabric, the tank tops are soft and supple in texture. They are designed to stay dry and comfortable during a yoga session. Their Pisces Tank is easy to care for as well; by washing with similar colors in cold, no ironing is necessary. Simply dry at low heat and tumble dry. Cozy Orange designs their brand with input from experienced yoga enthusiasts and the reviews have been favorable. Reviewers have praised the contoured waistline and are great for hot yoga sessions.

Cozy Orange has yet again added a tank top to their line that is sure to attract plenty of fans. At their affordable price and flexibility, the Pisces Tank is available with shipment in one to two days.

Cozy Orange and Their Sustainability Promise

Yoga as a principle strives to produce harmony in mind, body, and spirit. That includes a commitment to protecting the environment worldwide. Cozy Orange is a company that brings a true commitment to yogic principles and eco practices. They produce a line that offers fashion and functionality for their customers, but they also run programs through their company that are involved in the protection of the earth's resources.

At Cozy Orange, they are dedicated to protecting the earth, incorporating this approach into their production and design of yoga apparel. Using recycled micro polyester fabrics made from reclaimed plastic bottles, Cozy Orange's Cozy Eco collection is a great choice for the eco-conscious customer that loves yoga.

Versatility in design is one of their specialties. Their product packaging is made from re-usable materials and recyclable materials. Even their hand tags are multi-functional, doubling as a coaster.

Their process of production has been streamlined through experts that have advised them on how best to produce yoga apparel in an eco-friendly way. They always strive to improve the precision in their production processes in an effort to improve sustainability and keep their prices as affordable as possible.

At Cozy Orange, they know that there are many options out there when it comes to where a yoga enthusiast can purchase yoga apparel. Cozy Orange's approach to eco conscious production and sustainable practices makes them stand apart from the rest. Their commitment to social responsibility is a clear differentiator. The company gives a portion of proceeds each month to help a struggling family in a developing economy create a better life. To learn more about their community outreach programs and how you can help donate with each purchase, visit their website:

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