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Did you choose the suitable underwear, 20 old factory tell you should choose to won't regret it

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-24
Did you choose the suitable underwear, 20 old underwear of manufacturer to tell you the way to choose to won't regret it from the date of birth has been around two different points of view, like its people think underwear not only protect the women's health more can boost their confidence in myself. And don't like others hold the opposite attitude, think underwear tied the chest, women wear for a long time will affect health and imprison live body at the same time limit their pursuit of freedom. In general, against wear underwear views mainly has the following kinds: 1. Aesthetic reason underwear covered gifted with their own perfect figure, destroy the natural shape. The pursuit of ecological beauty. 2. Comfortable for wearing underwear, feel the body is bound, not free activity, long underwear also puts pressure on the chest cause poor blood circulation, and so is bad for your health. 3. Temperature for this hot weather in summer season. The weather is hot, plus underwear not breathe freely in time, some people are more disgusted. 4. Personality reasons for modern people, especially young people like the pursuit of freedom of that kind of feeling of freedom, and think the underwear body up their pursuit of freedom. Actually, the above idea about the underwear is one-sided or wrong. Because stick to wear underwear has these advantages: good 1: can effectively protect women's breasts, let the chest is not subject to accidental injury, especially for women when engaged in physical activity or exercise. 2. Avoid prolapse is well known, influenced by gravity and physiological factors, women's chest to a certain age will inevitably appear prolapse, this is normal phenomenon. But more or less affect beautiful, with the protection of the underwear, can effectively avoid the embarrassment of bosom prolapse caused body deformation, and now underwear design and style are very nice, helps women to increase self-confidence. 3. Keep warm and prevent bacteria enter before a large part of underwear materials are using sponge is given priority to, can have very good heat preservation effect. With the improvement of scientific and technological progress and technology, more and more high positive materials are applied to underwear products. Such as nylon, spandex, modal their permeability is also very good, wear the underwear of these materials to let you in hot summer also won't feel boring. In addition, especially during pregnancy, underwear can effectively avoid all kinds of bacteria invade the female body, therefore, choose to wear underwear or not do more harm than good. This article editor yiwu eserkafel knitting He Jianghong feeds all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) , reprint please indicate the source
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