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Eserkafel knitted underwear processing quality underwear manufacturer arguing management

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-26
Speaking of underwear processing quality, believe that all the production of underwear manufacturers know the importance of the quality of underwear processing directly influence its sales, so customers are very concerned about the underwear processing quality. At the same time, underwear processing quality good or bad has a direct influence brand underwear manufacturers. Eserkafel knitting 17 years specializing seamless underwear manufacturers, lingerie eserkafel knitting processing quality has been well received by customers, so there is a problem: underwear processing quality is good or bad manufactured or check out? In shirtwaist often encounter such a phenomenon, often of a batch of underwear product into customer's hands, the customer received a lot of problems after feedback to the factory, the factory organize relevant personnel to discuss, often form the situation, the factory quality department blame not ready to production, and production quality department did not check out. Often do not happy & hellip; … Eserkafel knitting argued that strict controls of underwear processing quality, getting the product must be out of the factory is the premise of the quality of personnel, skills, and management. One of the most important is the underwear factory management should be in place. Combined with strict quality inspection, surrendered to the customer is satisfied with the products. Specific how to implement? Eserkafel knitting think to do the following: 1. Improve staff knowledge, cognitive is key. Want a good quality of underwear, underwear products must first understand good quality is made by workers, so underwear factory workers must have good cognitive consciousness, to ensure that products are zero problems through their own hands. Each working procedure to ensure that there is a problem of products can not flow to the next procedure. This requires underwear manufacturers all cognitive unity of thought, the real factory as home and the product quality as an own honor, underwear factory management must first have so of consciousness. 2. Each style underwear product processing, want to have a process, the standard is very important. Underwear processing and want to have a good quality, after order, the proofing production process need to be designed to process, has to be standard, let employees in the process of production and processing, should know what he is engaged in the process of how to do? Do what is the standard, the whole process working procedure have to be very clear, what to do, what to do, underwear factory management play a very important role in this, the process and unreasonable, is there any space of the optimization. 3. Management of track to reach the designated position. Underwear processing quality management is the key to minimize product bad, even out. When managers will supervision, the supervision of relevant personnel, quality management is managers meet with manufacturers of goal, for all practical method. Therefore, underwear processing want good product, customer satisfaction products must be underwear factory produced, not detected. Shirtwaist employees clear cognition, management timely guidance and supervision. Develop processes, standards, and processing quality of supervision and control, to underwear product must be customer satisfaction products. At the same time, underwear processing quality is good, the bad product will naturally reduce, the underwear of good quality product can win the customer's reputation, nature also can underwear manufacturers to win more orders, factory production and therefore have more opportunities, staff's income also can get very good security, life also more stable, this is a virtuous circle.
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