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Eserkafel shirtwaist teach you correct cleaning ladies underwear also should pay attention to these two points

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-21
About how to cleaning ladies underwear, in the above eserkafel shirtwaist reveal cleaning ladies underwear also introduced the four ways wrong in our cleaning lady underwear, we must pay attention to the 4 basic common sense. Eserkafel shirtwaist remind you again cleaning ladies underwear also should pay attention to these two points! 1. Bra is not easy to frequent washing, underwear must change every day! Some may not be on this understanding, eserkafel underwear 17 years, focusing on the seamless underwear production, very clear know bra material is generally USES the texture is soft and thin material, frequent cleaning bra material easily damaged; Not so with underwear, underwear bacteria is more, long wear don't wash easy percutaneous poison. So eserkafel shirtwaist suggestion MM more than usual for a few pieces of bra and underwear. Decrease the number of replacement for bra and to increase the change of underwear. 2. Hand washing lingerie attention to tip. Like lingerie MM if you have time, eserkafel shirtwaist suggest hand wash is more appropriate. General advice lingerie can be soaked in the warm water for 15 minutes, greatly too forcibly cleaning is not easy. For bra wash, can the hands pinto underwear, attention to prevent the deformation of the steel wheel, with each other around the surface of the cup first knead, clean cup again. As some seamless underwear, bras, many can directly take out the sponge in the cup, so also can be pulled out one of the first when cleaning sponge, cleaning alone; For cleaning underwear, should pay attention to is not a simple rubbing two times, because of the large underwear bacteria, so suggest the thumb and index finger pinched, carefully rub three to five minutes, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, thoroughly. Cleaning combined with above about women's underwear eserkafel shirtwaist reveal cleaning lingerie believe the four way wrong will be helpful to you. Finally, eserkafel shirtwaist remind a little again, lingerie clean, pay attention to air is basked in, must not directly on the sun exposure, prevent underwear become hard, can have ventilation to dry on the balcony, and then kill the sterilization under proper words too. Another point, air basks in lingerie unfavorable use that kind of big hangers hard support of that kind of, can use the belt clip hangers, underwear and focus on some good clip, prevent deformation of lingerie! Pay more attention to knowledge about lingerie please eserkafel shirtwaist news, or call: + 86 18807953905 WhatsApp/Skype: + 86 18807953905 yiwu eserkafel knitting & other; Eserkafel” — — Jinhua famous brand! Tel: + 86 18807953905 whatsapp/Skype: + 86 18807953905 email/E - 邮件:business@eserkafelsportswear。 com- - - Editor: eserkafel knitting electronic commerce & ndash; D save feed all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) Reprint please indicate the source
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