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For the back underwear cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to these common sense

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-26
For beauty back underwear underwear of cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to these common sense is women's second skin, so the maintenance of it more thoughtful. First of all, we cannot use other clothes cleaning method to clean the back of underwear, underwear of improper cleaning method will detract from the service life of the harm to women's health, even no protection and the role of fixed shape. Advise women consumers to strictly according to the washing mark washing care beauty underwear, should clean with warm water and neutral detergent or underwear special washing liquid, hand washing machine wash is not recommended. Do not use hot water and other clothes washing, underwear to separate cleaning, more can't use soap, such as alkaline detergent, long-term use can make underwear magenta, underwear, pants to wash separately. Beauty back to frequently change frequently wash underwear, underwear elastic fibers have recovery time, this can prolong the service life of underwear. Suggest another female consumers regularly changing underwear, underwear is generally not more than 1 year service life. Some people think that underwear and other clothing, as long as no broken no bad can wear down, but the idea is very wrong. Because wear long again good underwear also lose elasticity deformation, or lost the deformation of elastic or don't recommend to wear underwear, not maintain the effect of the body, often backfire. If special like a bra, it is recommended that consumers can buy more sets, extend the service life of underwear used interchangeably. Second, should not exert oneself to do after you wash good twist dry moisture, avoid underwear cushions interlayer displacement or deformation, more is not recommended in the sun insolates, here don't believe what sunlight sterilization, sun exposure will only accelerate underwear fiber aging, shorten the service life of the underwear. Accurate method should be with clamp of garment bra under part of the natural drying in the shade. The last is to bask in good beauty back underwear back QQ, shoulder strap in the cup, placed a cool and dry place, at the same time good moistureproof, mouldproof processing. Underwear of avoid by all means and pest control such as camphor ball placed together, in order to avoid fabrics and rubber band loses elasticity, we can use the right amount of desiccant stay dry underwear. In addition must pay attention to the lining in the thickest underwear, in order to together, to prevent the thick line beauty underwear back because of stress and deformation. Bra for close-fitting clothes, suggest to buy the underwear back after a washing, such doing can remove some deposits on clothes. This article editor yiwu eserkafel knitting He Jianghong feeds all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) , reprint please indicate the source
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