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Gather bra how to choose, these tips 20 years senior factory tell you

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-28
Gather bra how to choose, 20 years senior factory tell you these little secret bra is women's lingerie, directly with the skin, is the essentials of daily life. Bra with the underwear is practical and functional, practical is to prevent dew point to avoid embarrassment and protect the chest to avoid injury, and functional bra is by wearing different function, realizes the chest repair and improvement, can be divided into bra, invisible bra, bra, gather together non-trace bras, bra, model body underwear and sports underwear, breast enhancement to meet different needs. And different design, function of the bra on the market emerge in endlessly often let a female consumers in choosing difficult disease, exactly how to choose suits own bra? Small make up today and everybody said this topic. Both functional and practical underwear, their structure is the same, including all the cups, straps, steel tower, the band around these a few respects, straps and fabrics. Then we can start from these aspects one by one analysis. The first is the cups. Part together bra to cater to the needs of the consumers, achieve the result of deepening cleavage and manufacturing plump breasts, inside the bra is added thick cushion, actually this kind of design is unreasonable, thick, cup mat puts pressure on the chest fat and long wear on both sides of the easy to fat go, over time leading to its shape, vice milk. Scientific gathered under the bra cup design should be on the thin thickness, push on the chest natural retainer, and this can prevent breast prolapse, can prevent outside enlarge chest again. The second is the size selection. Buy bra before the best professional sales or guides people to help you close dimensions to measure the chest size, don't be bashful across the coat that calculated, as well as according to their own characteristics to choose the right bra size, not according to their imagination to choose size, decided to buy them the choice of bra shoulds not be too tight, too tight will affect the breast blood circulation, too much, don't breast enhancement, it is best to choose the consistence of the model, who use who know. And then the steel bracket. Generally good quality underwear will add steel together in bra, it helps them bra closer to the chest stereo cup noodle, he feels more comfortable wear, also have better retainer to the chest and the effect of concentration, must pay attention to the steel bracket banding chest, or short of effect is likely to cause bosom prolapse. Generally gathered the bra cover rims radian will be bigger than ordinary underwear, better flexibility and not easy deformation, can compare common bra heightening 0. 2 - 0. 3 cm, which means better package chest, chest can focus up to prevent spread, more accord with human body engineering design, avoid cup mobile, slide, regular sex is very good. The fourth is the shoulder straps. Shoulder width is crucial, the choice of shoulder strap elastic should be good enough, only in this way can effectively share the force, improve the chest shoulder fat, avoid oppression shoulder ligament effect. Suggest that female consumers choose together shoulder the bandwidth of the bra, if choose spaghetti straps to tighten their shoulder heavier stress, too narrow straps is good enough to support the chest, once the straps lose elasticity leads to bosom prolapse. The other shoulder belt length affects the chest shape key points, it is very important to know your cup. A to use 1 D cup. 3 cm wide shoulder straps, E to F cup, use 1. 6 cm wide shoulder straps, G to I cup with 1. 8 cm wide shoulder straps. If chest above C cup, you can switch to promote transparent wide shoulder to bring beautiful degree, avoid by all means do not use spaghetti straps. The first is the band around five o 'clock. Shoddy workmanship, quality is bad, bra straps will appear a lot of time on the phenomenon of run up, the result let whole chest becomes ugly. Too up banding muscle circumference band easily under, cause kyphosis. Together to buy underwear, must check whether the bottom of the bra before and after picture in the same horizontal position, if not in the same place, do not have to buy. The last point is the fabric choice. On the choice of fabrics, must choose moderate elasticity, good air permeability, together with soft stick support bra, otherwise action will not after wear comfortable. Changes form not only relationship with the chosen way of bra, underwear, posture habits, such as physical condition associated with this also. Don't come to rely too much on the bra adjustment effect. This article editor yiwu eserkafel knitting He Jianghong feeds all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) , reprint please indicate the source
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