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How to choose the right yoga pants

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-30
   Texture: Mainly made of cotton or linen fabrics, because cotton or linen has good breathability and sweat absorption, and it is very soft, which will not let your body feel tension and restraint. In addition, you can also choose to add some Lycra materials to the cotton fabric to increase the elasticity of the clothes.
   Style: Yoga pants are concise, generous and neat. Do not have too many ornaments (especially metal), bands or knots on the clothes to prevent chromium on the body and cause unnecessary damage. The limbs should be stretched freely and the whole body should not feel restrained.
   Style: The trousers should be elastic or tied, because there are some back-up movements in yoga, and the tight mouth can prevent the trousers from sliding down. Winter clothes are mainly trousers and long clothes. In summer, short pants can be worn with long pants.
   Color: Try to choose refreshing and elegant colors, mainly pure colors, which can relax your optic nerves and calm yourself down quickly. Don't let the colors jump and garish too much, and try not to wear colors that make you excited when practicing yoga. Yoga instructors try to focus on pure colors.
Style: To highlight individuality, you can choose clothing with Indian ethnic style. It is loose and natural, and has a sense of elegant and free and easy mystery. There is also a modern style of fitness clothing, which is tight and elastic, and can also bring out beauty when worn. The figure is generally more suitable for practicing hot yoga. You can choose according to your preferences.
In short, when practicing yoga, let your body be free from external constraints, stretch freely, and can bring you peace and relaxation. Yoga pants are the better choice.
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