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How to choose underwear for young and old: girls

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-30
From the green girl to the mature woman to the old woman, as the age increases, the shape of the breast is constantly changing. A good underwear, like the closest brother, always cares for the softest and most fragile place of a woman. The age is different, the choice of underwear is also different.

Girlhood (11-15 years old): At this moment, the breasts are just beginning to develop. Generally, the vest will suppress the development of the breasts, and the vest circumference adds a protruding space, which is very suitable for the needs of breast development at this moment.

Puberty: After 15 years of age, a woman's breasts enter the peak of development, simply showing that the size of the breasts on the two heads is different. It is recommended to purchase loose and comfortable bras to guide the normal development of the chest. Natural fiber has poor healing properties and will gradually harden after washing, so it is best to choose elastic chemical fiber fabrics.

Adulthood: A woman’s breasts are shaped in adulthood. At this moment, the breasts may expand or form auxiliary breasts. These are directly related to the size of the bra cup. If the breasts protrude from the upper part of the cup, it means that the cup is too small or too sharp. If there is a little bulge under the armpits, it means that the bra is too small or the sides are too narrow. Adult women should choose a bra with combing and adjusting functions. For people with full breasts, it is best to choose 3/4 or 4/4 cups, wide shoulder straps, and underwire bras to avoid the above questions.

Pregnant women: From pregnancy to childbirth, a woman’s breasts will add about twice the size of the original cups. Pregnant women should replace bras of different sizes at any time according to their breast changes. If the size is too small, it will cause breast hyperplasia, and the bra will also conflict with the skin, causing the fiber fabric to enter the milk duct, resulting in no or little milk after delivery. During pregnancy, the weight of the breast is increased, and the lower circumference is increased. It is best to wear a bra with a soft underwire. If there is no support, the growing breast will sag, and it is difficult to recover after the fiber arrangement in the breast is damaged; bra shoulder The belt is best to be as wide as possible, so as not to strangle the skin; the front button bra is easy to wear and breastfeeding; the best choice is sweat-absorbing and breathable materials.

Old age people: Many old age people have questions or troubles because of their habits, and there is a misunderstanding that 'you can get older without underwear'. Originally, old age people should wear underwear. During this period, the breast arrangement and breast glands are no longer developed, and the drooping scene will become more and more obvious. Therefore, the choice of breast-lifting and breast-protecting bras becomes more important. It is advisable to choose a bra with wide shoulder straps, wide and thick underarm ends, and the steel ring does not press against the chest.
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