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How to Take Care of Your Sportswear

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-03

Did ancestors wear the sport suit when they take a sport event? Of course not, so the modern sportswear can be definite as a great invent as it helped athletes improve their records. Modern sportswear appeared in the 19th century in Europe, when the sports first became popular. Cloth particularly designed for hunting and golf were produced at that time. When the time wheel rolled to 1890s, with the popularity of tennis and swimming among women, tennis suit became popular. Since 20th century, the number of types of cloth designed for sport purpose kept increasing. Now many people must have had a piece of sportswear, but do you know how to take care of your sport suits?

Here I will introduce 5 tips for the sportswear owner:

1.When you finish the training or racing, the sports suit must be take off instantly and send to wash as soon as possible, preventing the cloth from foul smell. The water used to wash the sportswear should not be too hot and the immersion time should be more than 5 min and short than 10 min.

2.The sports suit cannot be washed with other cloth, or the light-colored cloth may be dyed by the deep-colored cloth. Washing by hands is the best way to wash sports suit. While washing, choose the method as mind as possible. If you have to use a washing machine, the sports suit should be put in the washing bag.

3.After the cloth is washed with lotion, it should be washed in clean water several times. Sports suits are often made of organic compound, drying in the sun could cause it fade or lose of elasticity. So the drying process of sportswear should not in the sun. The just washed sports suit cannot be hang in the damp wash room, or the cloth will get polluted of microbes.

4.Take notice of the sportswear's term of validity. If you find out that the cloth is not as comfortable to wear as before, you should buy a new one.

5.Finally, don't forget to wear the sports underwear before taking the training. It will give you a happy sports experience and protect you at the same time.

Now you must be clear about the questions in the maintenance of sportswear. It is said that if you follow the tips above, the life span of the cloth would be doubled. What are you waiting for?

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