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How To Wear Leggings On A Night Out

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-05

This article aims to demonstrate how leg wear can also be dressed up for a glamorous night out as well as being worn for everyday casual wear.

Many people have the misconception that in order to look dressed up on a night out, you have to put on your favourite little black dress and a pair of sky high heels. However, this is not necessarily true and especially during the winter months a tiny dress is not really suitable for an enjoyable winter night out.

Leggings are often associated with either fitness wear or casual wear. Immediately, people often think of plain black leg wear and forget that there are a variety of printed, patterned and brightly coloured ranges on the market.

Seen on catwalks for many years throughout london, Paris, Milan and New York, vivid prints are definitely something that is here to stay in the fashion world. Whilst the classic style of leggings does not tend to go out of fashion, prints and textures that are considered on trend change regularly.

For example, currently we are seeing a huge rise in retailers selling dogtooth/hounds tooth garments, whilst in previous months peace print patterns and Aztec prints were to be seen everywhere on the high street.

Another popular design in the world of leg wear, is the wet look style. Popularised my celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who is seen wearing at least one wet look garment a week, wet look leggings have gained vast popularity over the seasons. Whilst you can easily dress them down for everyday wear, they can also look great for a night out.

Depending on your occasion, it really matters what you team your leggings with when considering if they are a casual garment or not. Many people opt for a comfortable look when sporting leg wear by teaming them with hoodies and classic ugg boots. Whereas the more adventurous wearers will team them with a glamorous top and heels for those nights out when you don't quite want to wear a tiny dress.

When tight leggings first came into fashion back in the eighties era, they were popularised by many chart topping bands of the time and through publications such as Jane Fonda workout videos. This may be why many people are sceptical to accept them as stylish in today's society. However, leggings have now been updated with a modern twist. Whilst in the eighties we would see neon brights teamed with other clashing prints, styles have developed and we can now see styles such as disco pants which over recent months have been flying off the shelves and are now available in a range of colours on the market.

Conclusively, leggings can be worn for a variety of occasions. It simply depends on what other garments you team your leg wear with in order to create the desired look.

Gone are the days when they were seen as simply an everyday casual item, with the developing styles on the market, they can now be worn for any occasion!

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