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In the process of fitness, wearing tight trousers

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
Friends who observe carefully should find that in the gym, you will often see some bodybuilders, who often wear tight trousers and a pair of sports shorts outside. Some people may ask, is it really necessary to dress like this during fitness?

What are the effects of tights for fitness

Restrain the muscles

The design of sportswear is more in line with sports dribbling. The same is true of leggings. Fitness leggings can be used as underwear, from waist to toe leggings, although when it comes to leggings, it is likely that everyone I think of leggings worn by women, but I'm talking about leggings for fitness and sports. The two are still different.

If a good pair of tights can not only help the exerciser, it can provide better support for the muscles when running and squatting jumps, but also can reduce muscle vibration and jitter.

In theory, it can play a very good role in reducing energy consumption, and the exerciser can achieve better fitness effects by wearing tights, not too loose nor too tight, and can also reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. Increasing blood circulation is a great help for fitness, because exercise is still a fitness exercise.

Reduce muscle jitter

Tights with good fabrics can have a good effect of heat preservation and perspiration, which is very helpful for improving the comfort and flexibility of the body during exercise.

Especially in winter, the body feels it because it is relatively cold and it becomes particularly rigid. At this time, wearing tights can have a good insulation effect, and it is particularly good for alleviating the stiffness.

Prevent thigh friction

In daily life, some people are accustomed to doing long-term aerobic training, which is more common when running. At this time, wearing some ordinary underwear can easily absorb a lot of sweat during exercise, which will cause the skin on the inner thighs. The appearance of friction is likely to cause serious damage to the skin and some small wounds. At this time, it is necessary to choose a pair of fitness pants with better fabric.

In fact, wearing tight trousers on the inside and sports shorts on the outside is entirely to protect the body. Running for a long time can easily cause the muscles of the legs to vibrate more frequently. Wearing such sports pants can limit the initial stage. For the protection of the legs.

Therefore, it is particularly necessary to choose a pair of tight pants and outer shorts that suit you during the body exercise. Not only can it contribute to the fitness effect, but also it is particularly important to protect your own body safety.

Perhaps for people in strength training, I rarely wear such tights, which not only affects the training effect, but also feels not so comfortable.
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