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Introduction of seamless underwear manufacturing process

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-30
Seamless knitted underwear is basically worn next to the body and is in direct contact with the skin, so its wearing performance is particularly important. Silk has good moisture absorption and antistatic properties, and its protein composition is similar to human skin, so it feels soft and comfortable to wear. In addition, tryptophan and tyrosine in silk fibers can absorb ultraviolet rays, which can effectively prevent excessive skin invasion.

Although cellulose fibers such as cotton and linen are also natural fibers, they have good moisture absorption properties and are more comfortable as seamless knitwear, but their softness and touch are far inferior to real silk seamless knitwear. Real silk has natural health care functions that other fibers cannot match, so real silk seamless underwear products have a huge market space and will load people into a brand-new clothing field.

Weaving equipment and parameters

1. Equipment. Electronic seamless forming knitting circular knitting machine, which is currently used by knitting enterprises in our country. It is a single-side one-time forming computerized knitting jacquard machine with eight ways of feeding yarn. Each way has two independent jacquard drums (ie, needle selection Each line can simultaneously perform 3 levels of knitting (that is, select needles for three different actions of loop formation, tuck and float simultaneously).

2. Parameters. The electronic seamless forming circular knitting machine has a barrel diameter of 30-40cm (12-16 inches); a speed of 110r/min; 2 needle selectors per way; 8 yarn feeding paths; 2.2kw, the power of the suction motor is 3.9kw; the number of yarn guides is 8 per channel (it can be less than 8 in practical applications).

Treatment before weaving. Since real silk has sericin, it has high rigidity and is prone to defects such as brittleness and missing stitches during knitting, so it needs to be processed before knitting.

If the skein produced by a general polyester yarn factory is used, it needs to go through the following treatment process: put the skeined raw silk in a softener (such as ENS-I) and foaming agent (such as HV-302), bath ratio 1:20, Soak in the solution at 40-50℃ for 18 hours, after drying, winding, and knitting on the machine.

If you use the raw silk provided directly by the factory, you need to put the raw silk in the tube in a vacuum container with the treatment solution (usually 1:10, 109/L of Taikoo oil solution) at room temperature. The treatment solution quickly penetrates into the inner layer of the package and the inside of the sericin, and the machine is knitted after the treatment.

Weaving process and technical points. The production of seamless products with real silk requires high technical requirements. The knitting process generally undergoes three steps: sample analysis, program design, and computer debugging: 1. Sample analysis Sample analysis, including size analysis, color sample analysis, and raw material analysis And the analysis of fabric structure.

2. Program design. Then, proceed to program design. After determining the yarn feeder and the number of paths, program the program in the special programming system according to the selection of the yarn feeder and the number of paths, and pay attention to the timely refueling and suction programming design. The choice of yarn feeder should be determined according to the performance of the machine itself. The front yarn feeder is on the inner layer and the rear yarn feeder is on the outer layer. When weaving a fabric covering another material with a certain material, the sand nozzle should be selected appropriately according to the needs.

3. Computer debugging. After the program is compiled, start debugging on the computer. During this process, the size should be strictly controlled, and the program should be modified repeatedly until the requirements are met.
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