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Nike Sportswear Previous Exposure Nike Sportswear

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-03

Nike Sportswear previous exposure Nike Sportswear Air Force 1 NYC Boroughs Pack release date finally set. This series of New York on behalf of the district's Air Force 1 Low Spirit reveal the pure soul of the streets, the most original of all white Air Force 1 Low is modeled, in addition to the shoe body with the Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx four regional representatives of drawings, on the outside of his right foot has four areas of laser words, the other in the left heel at the area of the laser with four maps, in addition to Nike Sportswear has designed four more exclusive two-tone woven lace, Air Force 1 is definitely the fans this summer, will start a new topic for the collection.

Godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara was as respected trend and become one of the series when hot htm shoes Nike Air Macropus Lite comeback this year. Purple suede shoes with a full-body style rainbow nation horsehair canvas versions are all out there, though plain and simple style of the year but also has a very different stunning, dazzling performance. The original version of the work and compare favorably, the whole palm perfect ZOOM AIR cushion implanted, give you the most comfortable foot feeling!

I believe Thrash Metal understand people will know the famous metal band Slayer, and this Nike SB Dunk High on the Slayer's classic album Inspiration for the design, adhering to the Slayer's style, fast brutal force, clean sweep speed to high-top Nike Dunk SB-type show version, do the old high-grade leather with suede, complement each other, seemingly decadent sense of design and see blood-red shoes, the perfect embodiment of the Slayer vivid as the music style.

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