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Processing of seamless underwear to eserkafel knitting to customers how to say

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-29
Processing is not easy to find suitable underwear underwear manufacturer, seamless underwear processing mass are convincing number of yiwu, yiwu is famous for small commodity, seamless underwear production and processing in yiwu unique industrial chain, forms already many lingerie manufacturer from yiwu, so why to yiwu eserkafel knitting processing seamless underwear? Listen with eserkafel knitting cooperated customers how to say? Cooperation with eserkafel knitting * * live 10 years of guangzhou trading company who said: & other; Eserkafel knitting development up to now, I have seen, basic eserkafel knitting development soon, we all the year round pin trade their products are exported to the United States, guests like, thanks to eserkafel knitting product design is novel, can follow the trend of The Times & hellip; … ” Eserkafel knitted underwear processing is given priority to with fashion movement, over the years has been the independent innovation, the new development, so as early as at the beginning of the company set up their own design team, the seven 18 years design experience in lingerie designer, 8 - every day 10 new and launched nearly 300 new every month. Shirtwaist nearly thousand square meters exhibition hall, more than 5000 samples on display, for the customer to sampling. Also supports to figure to sample custom make, so there is always a suitable for the local. Cooperation with eserkafel knitting hangzhou customers for many years. Wu said: & other; We work with eserkafel knitting there are 78, 1 million a year on the eserkafel knitting processing customized seamless underwear, including vest, ladies underwear, bras, thermal underwear products, such as their company's processing underwear product quality is good, very few major quality problems & hellip; … ” Seamless underwear processing is the traditional manufacturing industry, we know that the manual labor, a large number of people involved is a labor-intensive industry. So want to control the quality of the good underwear processing, guarantees the quality, cannot leave the factory management system and personnel quality. Eserkafel seamless underwear knitting processing USES a way of assembly line work, introduces the Japanese 5 s management mode, with 3 people group as the unit, 3-2 For a class of four group, we have a clear division of responsibilities, collaborate with each other, mutual supervision. On personnel configuration mechanism, adopt & other; Mentoring & throughout; Way, & ndash; — Inheriting the shirtwaist assure the fine tradition of underwear processing quality; Help & ndash; — Teams to help each other, each other cooperation; Take & ndash; — Older workers with new employees, each group has a 3 years experience in underwear processing of older workers with new staff. It's so good to ensure the quality of the underwear processing. Eserkafel knitting always adhere to the point is that our underwear is made, processed products inspection does not come out, so every one of us should firmly establish quality consciousness, & other; Don't make bad product, don't accept bad product, don't pass non-conforming & throughout; To carry out such a basic slogan to every shirtwaist staff's heart, everyone consciously in accordance with the standard, according to the process to do everything by their underwear products. Cooperation with eserkafel knitting Taiwan customers miss shen said: & other; I have worked with so many underwear manufacturers, issued by eserkafel knitting product price comparison operators, wife of shop-owner, the boss is very generous, for customers to save a penny, will give us good advice & hellip; … ” Do business, set up factories like eserkafel knitting or business to do big, factory to development cannot leave the profits. With eserkafel knitting cooperated customers all know eserkafel knitting has maintained the relations of equality and mutual benefit between with customers, not the customer slaughter the lamb. We eserkafel knitted products in high-grade fashionable young women, so this kind of women usually have certain economic ability, but their high requirements for product quality. So we eserkafel knitting production and processing of underwear products, has been adhering to the Japan, South Korea, western European countries to quality request, even higher. Indeed, because eserkafel knitting always adhere to the decision of the client and by the sorrow of the client, before about customers, many customers with eserkafel knitting cooperated customers are willing to maintain long-term cooperation with us! This is why yiwu eserkafel knitted underwear processing to! 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