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Real comparison|How to choose a qualified sports leggings?

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
Now more and more people love fitness. I often see people running in sports leggings after eating and walking at night. I also run and run occasionally. I also bought sports leggings. The price is similar, but the quality is different. far away. After comparison, find out the difference, how can it be called a qualified sports tights.

Unqualified model: Although the number of yards is just right, it feels that it is strangling, rubbing the skin, and the elasticity is not enough. There is no way to make big movements. It is not breathable. It feels 'suffocated' when put on, and 'no shape' when put on.

Waist design comparison
Good sports tights have a wider waist design. One of the benefits is that it can reduce the feeling of pressure and prevent the flesh; the other is that it can better shrink the fat on the waist and easily wear a small waist.

Unqualified sports tights will have very lumpy seams at the waist. Wear them to rub the skin. The two layers of fabric do not fit together and are easy to separate.

Qualified sports tights have dense needles at the waist and are not easy to be damaged. They have no head and smooth stitching, which can easily fit the waist without rubbing the skin.

Flexible contrast
The unqualified sports tights have insufficient elasticity. My friend also said that the elasticity is insufficient, and it feels very tight to wear.

Qualified sports tights use science and technology to make them strong in elasticity and resilience, and wear without restraint.

Air permeability comparison
In fact, the quality difference can be judged in an instant from the moment of skin contact.

It can be seen from the mesh design part of the pants that the unqualified sports tights have thicker mesh and non-porous design for ventilation. The mesh design of good sports tights is a rotating curve, and the weaving thread is delicate and perforated, so as to achieve better ventilation and perspiration effect.

For the sewing of the mesh design, the trousers purchased by a friend use ordinary knit stitching, which have protrusions that will rub the skin.

The mesh part of good sports tights directly adopts the positive film pressing technology, which fits smoothly with the body of the pants without causing friction to the skin.

Upper body effect comparison
The effect of the upper leg will be significantly different. Good sports tights will lift the muscles and modify the curve of the legs. The legs will appear thinner and straighter visually.

Good sports tights squeeze the buttocks into the peach area.

Visually and physically, lift up your hips to make the hips more three-dimensional and round.

The legs are designed with streamlined lines to visually elongate the visual effect.

No matter how good tights are, it won’t plump buttocks. It just gathers the flesh of the buttocks to make the buttocks three-dimensional, so as to achieve a shaping effect.

Detail comparison
Whether the hip design is reasonable, for example, it is better to design the hip curve, the hip is consistent with the front, and the hip is directly flattened and stitched. This is not desirable.

Sports tights actually have a lot of friction in the crotch. Whether the stitches of the crotch are dense and flat.

The trousers of good sports tights are pressed by positive film, which is easier to fit the skin and not easy to slip up during exercise.

Bad sports pants are directly folded and stitched by traditional stitches, which are not only not enough to fit the skin, but rub the skin, and it is easy to slip up during exercise.

After the above comparison, everyone can almost judge the quality when buying sports tights.
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