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Some questions about sports bra answers are here

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-29
Answer some questions about sports bra sports here also called sports bra, underwear is specifically for female users in the movement characteristics of the designed a functional sports underwear, it has advantages of lightweight, breathable, comfortable good, very suitable for women's movement stretch and support, to better protect the security of the chest in the movement process, in order to meet the female consumers needed daily movement. A, sports underwear? This answer needs from different angles to analyze, if from a functional perspective, the sports bra is a specially designed for women to engage in sports activities or fitness, yoga wear underwear, protect the chest, it has the function of shock and absorbent can be fixed on the one hand chest caused embarrassment, avoid excessive vibration influence aesthetic feeling, and to avoid the chest movement in the way. From the level of appearance appearance perspective, sports underwear bra with makings is more strong than the ordinary, minimize the chest in motion the process of moving, so some women have some discomfort when worn. Advice can choose no rims sports bra, comfort would be much better. Second, the sports bra to wear at ordinary times? You can wear but not recommended for long-term wear. Place for sports bra in general is sports occasion, sports bra also need to change, frequently wash frequently lest sweat into underwear fabrics of internal damage, shorten the life of underwear. Other sports bra in design is stressed on the motor function, so in terms of shape body, not gathered type of underwear or toning the body underwear that can show the beauty of the female curve. So whether the sports underwear when the coat is tie-in coat when wear underwear at ordinary times are not suitable for wearing. Three, sports underwear how to choose? This to fit different exercise intensity to select different sports underwear. Because of the impact of the different sports and flexibility is not the same, fitness, yoga, hiking and other low intensity exercise and high intensity running, tennis, football sports to consider different stress distribution of the shoulders, bra to chest pressure and other factors. Consider to choose different material and the width of the shoulder straps, back button, etc. , so when choosing a sports bra when we see its beautiful appearance level not only, more important is its effect on the protection of our body. Therefore, at the time of purchase of sports bra had better try it on first, in order to choose the sports bra fit, too big or too wide sports bras don protective effect, too tight or too small sports bra will chest oppression, could cause serious long-term wear blood circulation harm to health. Four other considerations for sports, sports underwear sweating is inevitable, and sweat wet underwear is awkward and affect movement, so the biggest characteristic of sports bra is to absorb sweat, breathable, moisture, and deodorant, so choose sports bra general selection is given priority to with pure cotton fabric. Generally speaking, the sports bra flexibility is good, beneficial to the body movement of limbs stretching. Above is some doubt about sports bra solution and the suggestion, hope for the broad masses of women consumers when selecting a sports bra can be used as a reference, to be able to help you choose the right sports bra fit. This article editor yiwu eserkafel knitting He Jianghong feeds all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) , reprint please indicate the source
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