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Stretch fabrics are competing on the stage, competing

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
   In recent years, if we say that the most concerned fabric products in the market and the order volume is relatively secure, it may be the elastic products. Even if this year is deeply affected by the epidemic, if the printing and dyeing factory orders pick up slightly, then stretch fabrics must be indispensable. Modern people's pursuit of comfortable and convenient clothing has made stretch fabrics more and more widely used. Stretch fabrics have appeared in tight pants, swimwear, T-shirts, jackets, and even down jackets.

   stretch fabrics have received the focus of the market, which has also prompted this type of fabric to enter the fast lane of development. Various stretch fabrics are competing to debut, and at the same time they are constantly developing in competition and elimination.

   used to be in short supply, large quantity and high profit

   In fact, when it comes to stretch fabrics, textile people usually think of four-sided stretch fabrics first. It can be said that the four-way stretch has brought most textile people into the field of stretch fabrics.

   Four or five years ago, four-sided stretch fabrics appeared in the market. The number of companies that can produce such products in the entire weaving market is quite limited. At the same time, there are very few printing and dyeing factories that can process such fabrics. But the orders from terminal apparel customers are endless.

'In 15 and 2016, the orders for the four-sided elastics were very large. We only used the ordinary 75D twill four-sided elastics for whitening. From the second half of the year, any order was 700,000 to 800,000 meters. Not only the order quantity is large, the profit is also Yes, it’s not a big problem to earn 2-3 yuan per metre of cloth.” A stretch fabric trader said, “But there are few weaving factories there, and there are only a few available in the market. Our quantity is basically OK. The package factory is now available, but due to the limited number of dyeing factories, all the four-sided bombs are concentrated in those one or two factories, so orders are still relatively difficult to make.'

   A few years ago, the hot sales of the four-sided elastic can be seen, the whole market is in a state of short supply. But this state did not last long, and spandex fabrics seemed to be abandoned by the market instantly. Just from the price changes, we can see that the price of 50D and 75D four-sided bombs was above 4 yuan/meter and 5 yuan/meter a few years ago, but this year has fallen to more than 2 yuan/meter, and some even sell goods. Sell ??below 1.5 yuan/meter.

  Of course, this situation occurs because on the one hand, the price of the entire upstream raw material has fallen, but on the other hand, the emergence of new stretch fabrics is also an important reason for the gradual replacement of four-sided stretch.

   Now spandex fabrics are losing ground, and T400 dominates

   Because the elasticity of the four-sided stretch fabric is mainly derived from the spandex yarn inside the yarn count. However, this type of fabric has several obvious shortcomings. Firstly, spandex filaments are fragile and easy to break. Spandex filaments are easily damaged and broken during the storage, printing and dyeing of grey fabrics, and the wearing and washing of garments, which will cause the fabrics and clothing to lose their elasticity and be scrapped. . On the other hand, the spandex yarn cannot be colored during the printing and dyeing process, which leads to the low color fastness of this kind of elastic fabric, generally not exceeding level 3, and the dark color is lower.

  The shortcomings of spandex stretch fabrics are unacceptable to some branded apparel companies. After years of development, the prices of such stretch fabrics with simple processes are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and lower fabric prices can hardly support the value of mid-to-high-end clothing. The market needs fabrics with better quality and higher added value to replace four-sided stretch fabrics.

   T400 type fabric came into being, a new type of fabric with good elasticity without spandex. It solves many problems such as the difficulty of dyeing of spandex, excess elasticity, complicated weaving, unstable fabric size, and spandex aging during use. Once T400 fabrics were launched, they quickly gained market recognition, and they began to 'kill the Quartet' in the market.

   Whether the stretch fabric printing and dyeing factory in the second half of 2019 is crowded and busy, it almost depends on the amount of T400 fabrics. The warehouse volume of hundreds of thousands of meters can be seen everywhere, and it is not uncommon for those of more than one million meters. As if only T400 products are worthy of attention in this textile market, printing and dyeing factories are also actively cooperating, and all types of production capacity are inclined to T400. Some dyeing factories even mobilized 90 dyeing tanks to produce more than 180 tanks of T400 fabrics overnight.

The hot market of    four-sided elastic has not disappeared, but has been transferred to T400 fabrics. Then how long can the market of T400 fabrics last?

   T8 fabric turned out to formally challenge T400

   The T400 fabric, which is highly sought after by the market, is not absolutely perfect. The scarcity of raw materials, the competitive supply of goods, and the high price have made many apparel companies discourage him. However, the demand for elastic fabrics in the apparel market is increasing. Obviously, the various deficiencies of T400 have severely restricted the development of elastic fabrics.

   An improved stretch fabric T8 began to quietly rise in the market. This kind of fabric is similar in quality to T400 fabric. It has better elasticity than T400. The fabric has a little wrinkle. Compared with T400, it is more unique and has the function of moisture absorption and perspiration. More importantly, the price is much lower than T400. Compared with two twill fabrics of about 145 g/m2, the price of T400 grey fabric is about 9.7 yuan/m, while the price of T8 is about 6.3 yuan/m. The difference is about 3.4 yuan/meter.

   This price advantage is huge. Normally, it should quickly seize the T400 market and eliminate T400 fabrics, but in fact, the market share of T8 fabrics is still quite limited. This situation occurs mainly because the T8 fabric has just been launched, and the printing and dyeing and finishing processes are not perfect, especially the shrinkage problem is still unstable.

   It is a normal phenomenon that the printing, dyeing and finishing of new fabrics lag behind the fabrics. The original four-way stretch, imitation memory, and T400 all have such a process. Therefore, the immature printing and dyeing of T8 is understandable and expected. With time, T8 fabrics will inevitably appear in the textile market with a brand-new image.

  From all-sided elastic to T400 to T8, the elastic fabric market has changed in just a few years, and a hundred flowers bloom! As a focus of the textile market, the stretch fabric market will inevitably be placed high hopes, and continuous updates can meet the growing demand of the market. At the same time, it also reminds us that textile people must not be complacent because they are leading in a certain field. There are more and more cases of overtaking in corners. Leading and backward changing at any time.
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