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The Minister of Education of France said that

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
'Students should dress in a'republic'!' After French Minister of Education Blanche put down these words to the media on the 21st, not only failed to quell the 'freedom of dressing for middle school students' movement, it caused more controversy. According to a report from French TV station CNEWS on the 22nd, many students expressed incomprehension about this. Many teachers also thought it was inappropriate to use the term 'republic'. The media raised questions about 'what does the Minister of Education want' and 'does it require compulsory school uniforms'.

The French newspaper 'Liberation' stated that shortly after school started, some middle schools banned girls from wearing miniskirts and crop tops to enter the campus. Some high schools directly posted a notice that 'This dress is suitable for going to the beach or gathering with friends, not suitable for school', which caused many girls to be dissatisfied. They launched the 'Campus Dressing Free Campaign' last week and posted photos of them wearing 'provocative' costumes to school on social networks. Many students said that it is unfair to prohibit girls who wear miniskirts from entering the school, and the girls’ dress code is discriminatory.

The practice of the girls was supported by the French Minister of Civil Affairs, Schappa, and many boys also expressed that they would go to class shirtless to support 'freedom of dressing on campus.' However, Education Minister Blanche called on students to 'keep sensible'. He stated that it is sensible to regulate students' dress and there will be no disputes as long as they are dressed normally. While everyone was wondering what is 'normal dress', Blanche said again on the 21st that 'to go to class, you must wear a ‘republic’', which made the public even more confused. A history teacher can't help asking, in the famous painting 'Freedom to Lead the People', Marianna, who symbolizes the value of the French Republic, has naked breasts. Do you think this dress is 'Republic'? Some people say that 'Dress in a republic' is purely an anagram game. Can the minister specify which jeans or leggings is more 'republic'?

The student's dress issue also alarmed President Macron. Macron persuaded the students and said: 'Teachers and parents are all over here. I don't think that dress codes deprive freedom.' He also emphasized that 'the president should not interfere in everything. It is good for the school to keep some dress codes.' How students dress has also brought the topic of whether school uniforms should be mandatory again. There is no mandatory uniform in French schools. In 2018, a number of public schools in Provins, Seine-Marne, simultaneously implemented a policy that students voluntarily choose to wear school uniforms. This is the first time that a French public school has implemented uniforms. Polls show that 60% of parents in the city approve of school uniforms. Since September, a middle school in Dordogne has also distributed 8 sets of school uniforms, including T-shirts and hoodies. In this regard, parents generally agree, believing that 'this avoids dress comparisons among students', and some parents also said that 8 sets of clothes cost 90 euros very cost-effective. Many parents once told reporters that school uniforms can eliminate discrimination in dressing and promote student integration. Instead of arguing about 'freedom of dressing', it is better to let students try a uniform school uniform.
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