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These tights are now popular, and you can match

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
In fact, in the era of pursuing skinny beauty, you will also find that many boys don’t like girls so thin, they prefer sexy and fleshy girls. That’s why a change in pursuit of health and national fitness has been formed. Today we are Come to Amway for a look at the matching of leggings, so that we can wear the sunshine in style.

This is a non-fitness photo. It can be seen that during exercise, many people wear such body shaping pants. These pants also have the effect of lifting buttocks and burning fat. In fact, it is not only limited to the gym. Many people choose to wear a pair of body pants when walking or doing some small exercises in life. Then it becomes a very daily street collocation item.

1. Coat matching method

This is very simple. Choose a sporty underwear plus body tights inside, and then wear a coat that you feel comfortable outside. The picture shows a small rose pink suit, and the whole thing becomes special. , I will not say that it is particularly leaky, because wearing sportswear is still showing an energetic state. It does not mean how naked it is. If you add a jacket, you will become very stylish.

This is the same. I chose a dark green leggings, a white sports underwear on the upper body, plus a sun protection jacket, the whole is very sunny, like this should be a tourist dress. Show your vitality at the beach, and many girls actually want to show their long legs, but it is difficult to achieve perfect sun protection in the summer. It may not take long for the skin to be tanned. In fact, this tights will show the legs. , It also prevents tanning, and also helps shape and burn fat.

The inside of this one is similar to the previous one. The jacket is just a denim jacket. In fact, you can see the changes in the jacket, and the whole style will feel different. It is particularly simple for the choice of wear. You only need to change a coat, a hat or shoes, you can change a style very well.

The picture shows a leather jacket and Martin boots. This is really a very cool and fashionable dress, but this is more inclined to spring and summer, after all, it is also very hot now.

Second, the top collocation rule

In fact, this is also very simple, because the leggings have a good body shaping effect, then choosing a top with any combination will be very fashionable. Choose a loose sweater in the picture, which has a good elasticity combination effect. Then take any bag, pay attention to the color matching, it will be very colorful.

This is a combination of short sweater and tights. In fact, you can see that the tights are all solid colors, basically black, which can be well matched with colors. You can choose some very good colors on shoes, socks, hats and bags. Outstanding accessories are all-match clothing.

In the picture is a bright orange sweater and leggings, this is a very casual dress, but also special everyday. His blue hat matches very well, blue and orange match, especially comfortable.

This one has more gradation changes. The innermost choice is a zebra print sunscreen shirt, a pink T-shirt over the jacket, and a purple sunscreen jacket around the waist. It can be seen that he is a person who knows more about matching, because the color is particularly comfortable, then we can actually learn it, because the tights are to be colorful, the most important point is to learn color matching.

This is just to show your figure. The upper body is directly covered with a chest and ice silk sunscreen sleeves, and the lower body is black tights. It is indeed very elegant and beautiful, and can perfectly show the curve of the figure. I hope everyone can get a good figure quickly this summer, and then wear tights to go out on the street. If you don’t have a good figure, wear it even more because it will make you look better.
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