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Three common underwear making processes

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-30
Speaking of the classification of underwear, it is really diverse. According to the function, there are sports underwear, nursing underwear, etc. According to the cup, there are 3/4 cup bras, 1/2 cup bras, etc., but you know how to classify according to the production process ? The following editor will give you the science of making underwear.

In fact, in addition to the above classification, our common underwear can also be divided into mold cup bras, quilted bras (cup bowls), and single-layer bras according to the production process.

1. Molded cup bra. Molded cup bra refers to a bra in which the cup cover part is shaped with sponge, spray cotton or silk at high pressure and high temperature to shape the appearance of women's breasts. Its appearance is round, natural and well-packed. From the side profile of the cup, there are usually traditional and now popular three-dimensional cups. The traditional cross-section has a uniform thickness, while the three-dimensional cup has a thin top and thick bottom. Therefore, three-dimensional girth has a certain correction and concentration effect. Most of the light cup products on the market today are molded cup bras.

There are various thicknesses of molded cup bras to choose from, which can be roughly divided into thin cups, ordinary cups, three-dimensional cups and super three-dimensional cups.

Because the cups are shaped by hot pressing, the design of the molded cup bra is mainly reflected in the molding process and the selection of various sponge cup shapes. In the shape of the cups, some are sharp and some are round, so you should choose a cup with a natural appearance and suitable capacity. Molded cup bras usually cover the outside of the cup with a layer of the same hot-pressing shaped fabric (without breaking into two or three pieces) to make the chest more plump and stylish, with a smooth and seamless surface, suitable for wearing tights or light clothes. Especially summer white shirts, tight T-shirts and the like...

In addition to the selection of cups, the design of molded cup bras has become the focus of the use of various laces and different parts. In addition to decorating on the upper side of the chest, it can also be used under the side of the cup; or the cup is bright and clean, heart position , The use of lace at the lower support creates a contrast between the complex and the simple.

In the design of a molded cup bra, the heart position design is very important due to the shape of the cup. The heart position is divided into width and height. Usually the cup area is large and the heart position is higher; the cup area is small and the heart position is shorter. The narrower the heart position, the more effective it is to contain and concentrate the chest, but when it is too narrow, the bra will not fit the body, and will appear empty and loose. The width of the heart is usually 1 to 2 cm, and its height is usually no more than the bust line.

In addition, the size and hardness of the steel ring are also very important. Molded cup bras are usually attached with underwires to support the drooping chest and squeeze the flat chest against the middle. The size of the steel ring should be suitable. If the width is too small, not only will the bra be worn tightly, but the bra will move up; when the size is too large, the role of the steel ring will be lost.

2. Quilted bra. The cup cover of the quilted bra is made of fluffy cotton hot pressed into a certain thickness (usually a thin layer), glued between two layers of knitted fabrics, and made by changing the cutting of the cup cover and fixing the lower edge steel ring , Usually referred to as 'clamping bowl'.

The quilted bra feels soft and comfortable, and can be shaped by different cuts of the cup to correct and beautify the human body. The quilted waist is divided into two-piece, three-piece, or even four-piece in cutting. The finer the points, the more it fits the three-dimensional shape of the chest.

The 'two-piece' bra is opened horizontally, diagonally or vertically on the cup to form up, down or left and right two pieces, suitable for young women with standard breast shapes.

The 'three-piece' bra is made by breaking the lower circumference into two pieces. The upper circumference is flat and sharp, and the lower circumference is round and plump. The shape is three-dimensional and graceful. It is suitable for mature and plump women.

'Four-piece' bras are usually used in all-inclusive four-piece bras. Add another piece on the upper side to make the full-inclusive breasts more stable and reliable. It is suitable for plump women and breastfeeding women; or add one under the side to strengthen the bra The role of squeezing inward.

To reshape and correct the human body in underwear design, on the one hand, the cutting of the cup can be used to create a three-dimensional and full shape by using the changes in the chest. In addition to designing the shape to fit the human body, the diagonally stretched fabric and the breast point of the cup should be moved to the center and upwards, which affects the raising and concentration of the breasts.

On the other hand, the bra can also use the padding and thickening design to push and raise the chest in the middle. These pads are fixed on the cup, and there are also pad inserts that can be removed from the interlayer at will. In the design of the quilted bra, the steel ring is also for this purpose. It can hold the drooping or flat chest and make it move up and toward the middle.

3. Single layer bra. Single-layer bra refers to a bra made of single-layer fabric without cotton lining. Generally, stretch fabrics and laces are used to shape the curve structure through cutting and the properties of the fabric itself, so the cutting is more exquisite and the degree of fit is higher. Single-layer bras are suitable for women with full breasts.

The cutting of single-layer bras is more exquisite, and the warp and weft pull of the fabric should be used to shape the chest shape. The cutting is usually divided into one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece. The design of a one-piece single-layer bra mainly uses the elasticity of the single-layer lace. The lower layer of the lace does not need to be shaped yarn. By collecting one or two provinces, the chest naturally bulges to form a shape.

The two-piece and three-piece type is to break the cup cover into pieces, and the fabric is attached with a shaping yarn, which is better than the solidity. The design of the single-layer bra is more exquisite in the use of lace. Because of its leakage of the skin, the color and position of the lace can better show the decorative and sexy of a single-layer bra.

Because of its sexy characteristics, single-layer bras generally have two rows of buttons on the back, and there is a thin layer inside the cup.

The three production processes of underwear are introduced for everyone. As for which underwear to choose, it is recommended to make a choice according to your actual situation.
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