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Tights wearing skills

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-30
   The tights of the 1980s were worn by young girls headed by Madonna. The themes of their outfits were rebellious and sexy. At that time, the leggings were mainly matched with high heels, leather jackets, shaggy head, big earrings and black lipstick. Feng Shui turns, and the tights are back. The popular tights are not only worn by young girls, but also worn by mature women. This time, they are diversified and can be matched with short skirts, dresses, loose tops, work wear, and evening wear. According to the recommendations of the Fashion Channel, remember the following points when wearing tights:
   1. It is the most attractive with loose short dress, princess dress and high heels.
   2. With a mini skirt, flat shoes are the cutest.
   3. It’s okay to wear a regular skirt.
  4. Tights are not pants and cannot be worn as trousers, so the ass must not be exposed, and the ass must be covered.
   5. Don't wear tights with colorful prints that look thick.
   6. Don't wear transparent leggings, let alone 80s mercerized leggings, no matter what the color.
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