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Underwear needs to be replaced in time, otherwise

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-30
Underwear is very important to women, it is an important partner of women, but the average life span of underwear is about one year. When the underwear is used for a long time, we need to check whether the underwear is still suitable, and if it is not suitable, replace it in time to avoid harm to the body.

What are the hazards of old underwear?

1. Let the body age. Women's body changes at any time, especially the chest, which is easy to change with the change of the menstrual period and the increase or decrease of weight. Once the weight drops, the bust shrinks the most. In addition, as the body ages, the underwear bought a few years ago may no longer be suitable for the current body. Reluctant wearing will only bring discomfort or even pain to the body.

2. Prone to breast disease. Deformation of the old underwear can cause improper wearing of the bra, which can easily deform the breast and even cause breast disease.

3. Body deformation. As age and weight change, the body curve will also change. When underwear is no longer suitable, if you don’t wear it carefully, you will

How do you know the underwear is going to be changed?

1. Find a flat place to spread out the bra.

2. If a part of the iron ring of the bra is tilted away from the plane, it means that the iron ring has been distorted. Such a bra should be discarded and a new one should be purchased.

3. No matter how short the shoulder straps are adjusted, they will still be loose, indicating that the bra is aging and inferior. (Of course some are also related to personal shoulder shape)

4. Whether the rubber band of the underwear loses its elasticity, whether the edges of the underwear come out, whether it looks discolored, if it is affirmative

How to care for underwear?

1. Hand-washing: Hold the two cups with your hands and rub them gently during cleaning. The core of the steel ring, the side of the bowl and the scaly bones can be cleaned with a soft brush.

2. Washing machine: Put it in a special laundry bag, don't soak for a long time, you can add appropriate softener to avoid reducing the service life.

3. Drying: The underwear is clamped around the waist with the clip, do not use a clothes hanger to support the waist to avoid deformation. The bra should be hung at the middle point between the cup and the cup, and the shoulder strap should not be hung, because the weight of water will stretch the shoulder strap.
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