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Underwear processing and high cost of shirtwaist these hidden costs you know?

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-26
Processing industry more and more people into the underwear, underwear manufacturers, growing competition between developed into the size of the underwear manufacturers division of each link more and more, all the hidden costs, it also many clients often & other policies; I this kind of clothes is the price in other underwear factory processed, why so much higher in your house price? ” If you are underwear manufacturers, for the coagulation and confused do you think of the factory of some hidden costs pushed up the price? Along with the rapid social development, lingerie manufacturer also followed the trend of The Times to learn all kinds of management method, pay attention to division of labor, professional people do professional thing, because it set, because the bureau positioned, set by post. So many do not have the size of the underwear factory often suffer from serious big company disease, underwear processing of hidden costs rise. Now, it is the era of the Internet e-commerce, a lot of underwear manufacturers also opened up the electronic commerce network marketing channels, through the network product sales shirtwaist, started the company brand awareness. We know the Internet is a great feature is rapid, efficient and interactivity. But many shirtwaist far lagging behind the management mechanism, often in a traditional conventional thinking to treat the order online or clients, the results often cause net shop was right, credibility evaluation is not high. Serious influence subsequent store sales, want to promote future is very good, need to spend more energy and time, naturally also pushed up the shirtwaist promotion costs, this also is one of the hidden costs. Look at these higher underwear processing cost, are your underwear manufacturers have? 1. The process is complex, is positioned by business. Because set post there is nothing wrong with this process, but now many small underwear manufacturers and in so doing, have caused waste, management costs. For example, there are some shirtwaist for fashion also USES some & other; Advanced & throughout; Shipment of ERP software, electricity here, from the production warehouse transferred to electricity, people repeat audit, audit, special audit personnel to ask for leave because of things, sometimes not, need to find the delivery personnel, checked and signed by the leadership, often a few hundred dollars a batch of goods, shipping or sales staff led upstairs downstairs to run all day, the second day, reviewers, and heavy repeat report to the personnel to explain, so cause the delivery staff or sales person in a day or two to get it to a single, others can do, cause the waste of time, nature also introduced underwear processing and hidden costs. 2. Shirtwaist personnel is not stable, the flow is too frequently. For underwear industry has special points in every year, so during the off-season, shirtwaist will appear a lot of people left, to the peak season, underwear manufacturers appeared to recruit people everywhere, to find the phenomenon of people, in yiwu will appear the phenomenon of a kind of very, really so-called & other; Temporary workers & throughout; Market, several location points in a fixed, factory busy, will go to the fixed & other; Temporary workers & throughout; Market points help recruit a group of people to the factory for a few days, when not busy completion settlement money, on their own off the streets. Actually shirtwaist skilled workers, the stability of the mechanic is also a kind of wealth for the factory. We also often find some phenomena, such as a batch of products out of the question, I would say this is temporary workers to do, yes, perhaps really is temporary workers to do, but also can explain what? Can abdicate responsibility underwear manufacturers? Temporary workers is original factory products don't understand, working procedure, also not too familiar with or rework is also hard to avoid the error. It also virtually pushed up the hidden costs of underwear manufacturer. 3. Unreasonable process arrangement and low efficiency. Many shirtwaist because of position limits, often under the procedure to the completion of processing procedure, often upstairs downstairs constantly switching back and forth, causing the process time wasted. Shirtwaist processing was a complex process, personnel division of labor is more of an industry, a variety of hidden costs slightly do not pay attention to will be the cost of raising underwear processing. This also many clients have wondered the same product, the two underwear factory proofing production, at the same time offer, however, vary widely. Shirtwaist, of course, if the leadership careful analysis also find their own factory many hidden costs needed to solve. 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