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What time do you have to know about the body garment the mistakes and errors

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-24
What time do you have to know about the body garment the mistakes and errors with the improvement of modern consumption level and the evolution of the aesthetic idea, the body garment is more and more popular and gradually accepted by the general public. But in the choice and beautifying build clothes, there are many mistakes in understanding and misunderstanding, today we can to help you answer these erroneous zone, found the correct method. First, for the first time in many female consumers choose the body goes to choose smaller size for the garment size, which is to wear underwear at ordinary times than they are size of a smaller size model body underwear, think the more the garment size smaller tight toning effect is better. It's not. Body and the garment is too small or our long clothes will lose elasticity get bigger, smaller size of the garment on the body have a kind of oppressive feeling, especially the development is not yet mature young girl more suitable for buy or wear the garment, it will seriously affect the physical development cause irreparable damage. In addition model body underwear is too tight will directly affect the skin sweat eduction body, also puts pressure on the circulation of the blood harm to health. Second, excessive superstition or overly dependent on the body of the garment effect reducing weight. Actually long-term oppression of waist and abdomen in the garment affect normal human body blood circulation, so can't long wear corset, general advice is to wear at most four hours a day, more can't sleep in the garment. In a short period of time the body garment can be oppressive lumbar abdomen muscle fat enough sensual effect reducing weight, but if you want to keep good shape key or by moderate exercise and proper diet control, on the basis of the body and the garment to reach its effect. Third, whether in shape of overweight or underweight women can choose to wear corset, beautifying build clothing is not only a fat younger sister's exclusive. As is known to all, due to the effect of gravity and the growth of the age women in the process of growth will inevitably appear bosom prolapse, the skin flabby condition, such as in all women are equal before the law. So, want to maintain their beautiful shape, beautiful body garment is a necessary piece of equipment you. Fourth, the excessive attention to the body sculpting effect while ignoring the garment's choice of other product attributes such as qualitative, brand, etc. Choose good body and the garment not only quality assured brand, product comfort and shaping effect is guaranteed. Or general corset may through several times with a less known and inferior brand will go out of form after deformation and reach the effect of the shape. Above points on the body of the garment is wrong understanding and the erroneous zone, hope for the future in choosing you women wanting a beautiful body to help when the garment. This article editor yiwu eserkafel knitting He Jianghong feeds all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) , reprint please indicate the source
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