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Why do women's volleyball players wear tights

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29

For this sport of volleyball, it has always been loved by everyone. We have also seen that our Chinese women’s volleyball team has returned to its peak again, and has won a lot of fans. We also noticed that at that time. Hui Ruoqi and others are not only good looking, but also very superb. They are heroic on the court and feel like a lotus on the court. We are all amazed. Volleyball is one of the three major sports, and it has received everyone's love. Then I wonder if you have noticed that these women's volleyball players on the court are wearing tight pants? Not only our country’s volleyball players, but also women’s volleyball teams in other countries are arranged with tight tops and tight pants. Many times we wear looser sportswear when we exercise, but why do they wear tight clothes? It is also very enviable to see them showing off their long legs in tights, so why do they wear tights during the game? So let's take a look together next.

If you look closely, you will find that the women's volleyball team all over the world are arranged with uniform tights and leggings. In a volleyball game, in fact, both sides will fight for the ball before blocking, so if you are jumping When you touch this net, you will lose points. If the clothes are loose, it is easy to touch the net, so this kind of bodysuit is designed to tightly wrap our body, so it is also It is convenient for us to scramble in front of the net without losing points because our clothes touch the net. And we often see players falling to the ground to save the ball, so if you wear loose clothes, it is very easy to wear out, so in order to prevent this from happening, wearing tight fitting is less likely to wear out. In fact, these are all considered from the perspective of the game.

So if it is from the point of view of fans watching the ball, we are going to enjoy the game, then the feeling of seeing the women's volleyball team wearing tight pants is better than watching them wearing big pants, and this can also increase the media exposure. , Seeing the long legs of the women's volleyball team, how can the audience not look twice? This is also a good thing to serve multiple purposes.

From a competitive point of view, volleyball matches will also lose points during active errors. If the women's volleyball team touches the net with their hands and feet, then the points will be a bit wronged. Then if it is clothes or pants And the deduction caused by the hair touching the net, then it is even more unjust. Then if they wear tight-fitting, then they can largely avoid such loss of points. Some people may say that it is possible to change the regulations to indicate that there will be no deductions for clothes and pants that touch the net? In fact, it is possible, but it is actually more difficult to distinguish in this way during the cutscene of the game, and there will be more controversy. It may show that if the sleeves touch the net, it is difficult to define what it is. Only the clothes touched the net or the arms touched the net too. So let the women's volleyball team wear tight clothes.

Also, during an international event in 1999, we also required women's volleyball players to wear tight-fitting sportswear. In fact, this was also to increase the visibility of the game. I think it was in the ITTF in the past few years. It is reasonable for the female athletes to be required to wear short skirts. In fact, at the beginning, the international volleyball plan was to wear bikinis, but it was later opposed by most Asian representatives, so later it became a tight one-piece suit. Plan.

However, for tights, although it is possible to avoid running out to a certain extent, if you are not sure about the tightness, it is actually easy to run out or cause some very embarrassing situations to happen. It is not very good for this topic. To elaborate, you can also imagine that if the clothes of men's volleyball players also have such a tight-fitting effect, then the truth is the same.

We all know that in a volleyball game, you also need to run around, so if you run in loose clothes during this process, the resistance will also become larger, which affects your speed of movement and the performance of the game. So wearing tight-fitting clothes will reduce the resistance and facilitate their exercise. It can also reduce the chance of clothes touching the net and reduce the possibility of running out. In fact, it can be seen that the wearing of women's volleyball players is also considered based on many factors.

Seeing this, I believe everyone also knows why our women's volleyball team wears tight clothes during the game. This also takes into account many factors. In fact, many sports costumes or props need to be considered in many aspects.
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