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Why underwear processing should be looking for lingerie manufacturer directly?

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-27
Underwear, underwear order why want to find underwear manufacturers directly, I believe you every heart has its own bar said. But in reality, due to the underwear factory with customers is not completely real establish direct contact between channels, so many customers cannot find underwear manufacturer directly, especially some foreign customers, they want to cooperate with the domestic underwear manufacturers processing underwear, in the past most through foreign trade companies. So directly to find underwear manufacturers cooperation and through middlemen to find underwear manufacturers cooperation difference in where? 1. Price is a little bit higher, damaged is merchants, manufacturers and users. So the customer needs processing underwear find manufacturer cooperation, through foreign trade company to a third party is bound to a certain share in the profits to third parties, and finally also require users to pay for this part of the profit, this creates a underwear manufacturing cost was low, gets into the hands of the users will have a few times, eventually turn over a few times. In many shirtwaist underwear processing homogeneity today, in order to survive, take orders, try very hard to hold down prices, the price war, eventually would disrupt the underwear industry, their demanding also thankless, in recent years, many domestic underwear factory is empathy. If you need to underwear customer can directly find processing factory cooperation, can save a large part of the middle cost, end customer benefit, the user also benefit. As we eserkafel knitting shirtwaist for maximum benefit to the customer, the company also follows the principle of multiple channels simultaneously, as far as possible eliminate middlemen link, the benefit to the customer. Such as: eserkafel shirtwaist has stores in trade city, every year Canton fair underwear show, now again open the electronic commerce network marketing, let the customer more convenient fast find underwear manufacturer directly. 2. Quality guaranteed, customer trust, customer satisfaction. As long as the third party has dealt with the foreign trade company's customers will encounter, especially alibaba shops find, they get a underwear processing orders, they are looking for manufacturer cooperation, first of all, are concerned about the underwear processing prices, many online customers to send a picture to come over to make quotation, and then the shirtwaist asked that, just cheap. Underwear processing industry as a traditional industry, originally is not a lot of secrets, homogenized competition day, everybody's profit is quite transparent, it is more spell is between underwear manufacturers on the cost control. If the customer just pay attention to cheap, and a foreign trade company to a third party agencies to a layer of exploitation, there are some lingerie manufacturer in order to get the order, can only try to compress costs, shoddy. The quality of the underwear is naturally difficult to secure. As we eserkafel shirtwaist development up to now have 17 years, the factory has a strict scientific management system, at the same time for 17 years, seamless underwear, customized processing, has been focus on the cost of processing way in hand, we are not only to provide customers reasonable price, more perfect service, we firmly to ultra-low prices, said inferior underwear products & other; Don't & throughout; ! 3. Communication more smooth, more pleasant cooperation! Clients if through a third party agencies to find underwear manufacturers, what is the customer communication requirement need through a third party to convey to the underwear manufacturers, often encounter will be third parties because of negligence resulting in the cooperation between each other, and time delay. So customers directly to find underwear manufacturers to discuss cooperation, these can avoid a lot of unhappy, and customers have any requirements, will have professional docking communication services. Yiwu eserkafel knitting shirtwaist factory over the years has been looking for multi-channel way, as far as possible save customers looking for the third party of the intermediate links. Hotline: + 86 18807953905 WhatsApp/Skype: + 86 18807953905 yiwu eserkafel knitting & other; Eserkafel” — — Jinhua famous brand! Tel: + 86 18807953905 whatsapp/Skype: + 86 18807953905 email/E - 邮件:business@eserkafelsportswear。 com- - - Editor: eserkafel knitting electronic commerce & ndash; D save feed all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) Reprint please indicate the source
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