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Why wear tights for sports

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
   leggings originated in Europe in the 19th century, and appeared in my country around the 18th century. At that time, leggings were not called by this name, but were called 'tunics.' Today, leggings are not only exclusive to athletes, but also a must-have for fashionistas.

   So the question is, why do athletes wear tights?

   For example, in the CBA stadium in my country and the NBA in the United States, male stars will put on a pair of tights in their jerseys, or in other sports events, both men and women wear tights to compete.

The reason is that it is more helpful to play. Friends who have played know that if the clothes cannot be stretched, it will affect the movement of the limbs and joints, which is naturally not conducive to the game. Tights can solve this problem well. .

   Second, beautiful!

   Have you noticed that when female athletes wear tights, they always attract the attention of male audiences quickly? That's right, leggings will magnify the advantages of a person's figure in another aspect, and play a healthy and beautiful effect.

   Running to accelerate lactic acid metabolism, wear tights

   Some scholars believe that sportswear such as leggings can reduce athletes’ fatigue. This is because the bodysuit accelerates blood circulation through different compression forces, thereby promoting the venous return in the body and the metabolism of lactic acid in time. In other words, wearing tight clothes can promote your exercise endurance in fitness training.

   Why should I wear tights for running? One of the important reasons is that tights can reduce the fatigue that can only be achieved by running.

   Run tights to cool down and sweat

   We know that running will make our body sweat, so that our body can lower our body temperature. Why do you wear tights for running? Tights and tights, these running equipment, help maintain the best muscle temperature of the human body, and accelerate the temperature regulation process of heat and sweat during exercise.

   In addition, maintaining a proper muscle temperature during running exercises can reduce the chance of injury and ensure better running effects. This is an important reason for running tights.

   Running to reduce fat vibration, wear tights

   Tights can reduce fatigue and promote exercise endurance. Is that dispensable for those who are just starting to lose weight by running? the answer is negative.

   The most terrifying thing in running may not be the impact on the joints, but the resonance generated by the body impact. The body resonance generated by running will make the body tissues, joints, cartilage, etc. vulnerable to wear and tear. Heavy people are particularly vulnerable to resonance. Because the resonance frequency of fat is very close to that of articular cartilage, and the larger the volume of fat and the heavier the weight, the stronger the resonance effect.

   So heavy people need a pair of tights and tights to protect themselves. Why do you wear tights for running? Running tights is also to prevent physical injury caused by running resonance.

   Why wear tights for running

As mentioned above, tights can significantly reduce the risk of running fatigue and injury during fitness exercises. At the same time, it can accelerate perspiration and cool down, maintain the body at a temperature suitable for exercise, and increase the proprioception of muscle movement. To achieve a better running training effect.

So if you have a relatively large body weight and high body fat, it is recommended to prepare a set of tight training equipment (if you feel embarrassed, you can wear it in a T-shirt, and leggings can be worn in a running shorts), tight Pants will protect you from movement resonance.
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