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Women's underwear shoulder straps are wide and thin

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
   The width of the shoulder straps of women's underwear is mainly related to the style of women's underwear, for different women, different 'chest', and different seasons. The planners of seamless bra manufacturers, in addition to considering their fashionable elements when planning underwear styles, are primarily based on these requirements to plan their shoulder width. So MM should also choose the appropriate wide and thin underwear strap style in full consideration of its actual situation when choosing women's underwear.

   We know that if the shoulder straps of women's underwear are too thin, the streaks on the back are relatively obvious, while the straps on the back of women's underwear with wide bands are not so obvious. And the wide back underwear is more stable than the thin back underwear, so most of the general sports series of women's underwear are planned to be wide shoulder straps.

At the same time, when choosing women’s underwear, we should also choose according to our own body shape. If your 'chest' is fuller, then when choosing women’s underwear, the shoulder straps should be as wide as possible, because it is necessary to support and maintain the 'chest'. Therefore, girls with small breasts can choose the kind with thinner back straps when choosing women's underwear, which can better bring out your sexy.

There are also factors such as the influence of seasons. In the planning process of women's underwear, the planners of seamless bra manufacturers will also take into account the season factors. For example, in summer, the weather is hot and easy to sweat. Choose more breathable and frivolous women's underwear. The thinner shoulder straps of this kind are better and cooler; and the winter climate is more icy, at this moment, you can wear women's underwear with wider shoulder straps to keep warm.

In addition, the planners of seamless bra manufacturers will also consider the style of underwear when planning women’s underwear. Different underwear styles will have different widths of the back. For example, the back of the adjustable underwear is wider, with at least three rows. Generally, there are only two rows at the back of the underwear, while the adjustable underwear generally has the effect of adjusting the breast shape, so the back is relatively wide.

  Women's underwear shoulder straps are wide and thin seamless bra manufacturers teach you to choose and pay attention to these points

   In general, the width and thickness of the shoulder straps of women's underwear are selected according to your body shape and requirements. Health and comfort are the first priority. Don't seek temporary sexy and harm your body and mind.
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