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Yiwu largest seamless underwear production base in China

Yiwu largest seamless underwear production base in China


Seamless underwear is an emerging industry. However, in just a few years, nearly a hundred seamless underwear manufacturers have emerged in Yiwu City. The number of imported seamless underwear looms has reached 2,000, accounting for 70% of the country’s total and global Around 10%.

Yiwu has truly become the largest production base of seamless underwear in the country.

"Now many countries come to Yiwu to place orders and produce seamless underwear in Yiwu." As early as 1996, our company began to introduce Italian Santoni seamless machines. It is a high-tech enterprise that introduced Italian Santoni seamless equipment in Yiwu in the early stage. It successfully created the Yiwu seamless industry and promoted the rapid development of Yiwu seamless underwear industry.

It is understood that the current international machinery manufacturers that produce seamless underwear are mainly Italian Santoni and Shengge, and they now belong to the Italian Ronadi Group. According to Luo Dali, the manager of Southeast Asia and Chen Xiaolin, the sales manager of Santoni's domestic sales agent of Shengge, the two companies sell about 3,100 seamless underwear machines in China, of which there are more than 2,200 in Yiwu, accounting for more than 70%. , The global seamless underwear machine is about 25,000, Yiwu accounts for about 10%.

In the past, the largest producer of seamless underwear was Israel, which has more than 1,000 looms; but now China has replaced it as the world's largest producer of seamless underwear. Judging from the distribution of domestic seamless underwear looms, with the exception of less than 200 looms in Shengzhou, Haining and Guangdong in Zhejiang, the others are mainly concentrated in Yiwu.

According to statistics from relevant departments, at present, more than 50 socks enterprises in Yiwu have entered the field of seamless underwear, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. Experts suggest that seamless underwear manufacturers in Yiwu can develop swimwear, casual wear, and sportswear. Series of seamless clothing products such as clothing, or develop some new styles and new functions of seamless underwear to avoid market competition or occupy the commanding heights of new market competition and improve corporate efficiency.

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