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Yiwu seamless clothing production scale accounts

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
On April 18th, the Yiwu 'Ecological Seamless Clothing' Alliance Standard Project Acceptance Conference was held in Jindu Hotel. After careful inspection and verification by the expert acceptance team of the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the Uzbek 'Ecological Seamless Clothing' alliance standard passed the acceptance.

Yiwu and even the whole nation’s seamless clothing industry has gone through various stages of “equipment card”, “concept card”, “star card” and “price card” in the development process of the past ten years. OEM processing has led to lower prices among peers, 'killing three thousand enemies and self-defeating 800'; the export of seamless garments is mainly in the middle and low grades. In order to get rid of the predicament, Yiwu Seamless Weaving Industry Association adopted the 'International Ecological Textile Standard 100' in June 2009 to formulate and implement the ecological seamless clothing industry alliance standard. This project was included in the first batch of blocks in the province in 2009 Key projects for industrial quality improvement.

The Union standard of Yiwu 'Seamless Ecological Clothing' is higher than the EU standard. This standard collects and analyzes relevant data at home and abroad, including standards and testing items in related fields, and establishes a strategy to focus on 'ecology', 'environmental protection' and 'green' in view of the production status of seamless garment enterprises in Yiwu.

According to reports, the Yiwu 'Ecological Seamless Clothing' alliance standard has been implemented for more than a year, which has greatly promoted the brand creation of enterprises in our city. In 2009 and 2010, one of the 15 alliance member companies has won 'Zhejiang Famous Brand' and 7 other companies won 'Yiwu Famous Brand', making the seamless weaving industry one of the most eye-catching industries.

It is understood that Yiwu currently has more than 100 seamless garment manufacturers with more than 30,000 employees, more than 8,000 electronic jacquard machines for seamless garments, and an annual production of more than 150 million sets of seamless underwear and 500 million shorts. The scale accounts for 73% of the country and 28% of the world.
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