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Yiwu seamless underwear industry competitiveness

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-30
Yiwu produces 150 million sets of seamless underwear every year, and has more than 1,400 seamless weaving enterprises. The annual output value exceeds 3 billion yuan in its heyday.

According to industry insiders, the main suppliers of Yiwu hosiery machines come from Europe, America and South Korea, while domestic production only accounts for one third. Driven by the pilot comprehensive reform of international trade, Yiwu seamless weaving industry has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading. According to the data given by the relevant person in charge of the Yiwu Seamless Weaving Industry Association, there were about 40,000 seamless production equipment in the city in 2009, and more than 60,000 this year.

In addition, the pace of internationalization of textile equipment is also evident in the previous Yiwu International Sewing Equipment Exhibition. An Italian agent who has participated in the exhibition for many years once said that every year, Yiwu merchants import more than thousands of equipment from him. And on March 22 this year, six leading enterprises in the Yiwu seamless underwear industry-Bonnie, Bangjie, Yiting, Wanyu, Chaofan, Yitong, merged to form a group company, joined forces to participate in international competition, and was The industry regards Yiwu seamless weaving industry as a signal to integrate resources and accelerate the pace of internationalization.

The relevant person in charge of the exhibition organizer said that Yiwu is currently the largest seamless underwear production base in China, accounting for 80% of domestic looms and 1/5 of the world’s loom equipment market. With the in-depth adjustment of industrial structure and transformation and upgrading , An opportunity to recognize oneself and understand the world's peers is urgently needed, and the International Sewing Equipment Exhibition will play a greater role for this.

According to Xu Ning, secretary general of Yiwu Seamless Weaving Industry Association, the market share of seamless weaving equipment in my country's apparel industry is still growing. It is understood that most of the application of seamless loom equipment in China is the introduction of seamless underwear weaving machines under the brands 'SANTONI' and 'SANGIACOMO' under the Italian Ronadi Group.

However, Tao Jianwei, chairman of the Yiwu Seamless Weaving Industry Association, said that although there are many seamless underwear manufacturers in Yiwu, 99% of them are OEM processing, and most of them are OEM production of seamless underwear brands from well-known domestic enterprises. The product grades are low and lacking. High value-added. For this reason, Zhong Zhixian, general manager of Adsale Exhibition Company, told reporters that the domestic textile industry has entered a period of structural adjustment, and equipment manufacturers will obtain more business opportunities during the adjustment. This is also the core value of the International Sewing Equipment Exhibition.

If China's textile industry wants to integrate into globalization, it will have higher requirements for enterprises. Brands, overall technical equipment levels, textile processing technology, and product development and innovation capabilities are all indispensable parts. Directly hitting current industry hotspots and development needs, this year's International Sewing Equipment Exhibition will also hold a number of concurrent events, including forums required by the market such as the combination of design, branding and technology.
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