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Yiwu seamless underwear machinery market has great

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-09-29
Yiwu knitting industry has paid more and more attention to the upgrading of new equipment due to upgrading and technological transformation, and opened up domestic and foreign markets with higher-quality products. These objective factors have directly driven various new hosiery machines and knitting machinery and equipment. Sales volume in Yiwu. According to incomplete statistics, about 40% of the seamless underwear equipment sold in domestic knitting equipment is taken over by Yiwu enterprises, and the market potential of Yiwu seamless underwear machinery is huge.

Hong Kong Zhongda Industrial Co., Ltd. represents 20 well-known textile machinery brands in Europe. According to the company’s senior sales manager Rong Yaoji, the company has 20 offices across the country, one of which is in Yiwu, and the company is the largest in mainland China. The repair point is also located in Yiwu. In addition to the updated warp knitting machines and seamless underwear machines, Hong Kong Zhongda Industrial Co., Ltd. also brought seamless sweater machines. According to Rong Yaoji, the equipment sold to Yiwu enterprises is mainly seamless underwear machinery. There are three to four hundred units per month, accounting for about 40% of the company’s total sales. However, it is a seamless sweater equipment for the seamless knitting industry. , It is expected that a new wave of hot sales will be formed in the near future. It is understood that the Italian Santoni brand knitting equipment represented by the company received an order for 3,000 sets at the exhibition.

Aoluo La Machinery Co., Ltd., the only manufacturer of hosiery equipment in Yiwu, brought 10 different improved equipment and newly developed equipment this time. According to Liu Weiming, general manager of the company, the upgrading speed of Yiwu knitting enterprises is getting faster and faster, and the influx of imported equipment has put a lot of pressure on domestic hosiery machine equipment manufacturers. 'If the equipment manufacturers can't be one step faster, It is likely to lose the mid-to-high-end market.' However, what makes Liu Weiming proud is that the company has launched a double-cylinder terry machine, which was previously only produced by Italian and Japanese companies. It has strong market competitiveness. In addition to local companies, the company’s products are also Attracted buyers from India, Lithuania, Ukraine and other countries and regions.

The new domestic and foreign equipment displayed at the exhibition also attracted the attention of Weng Rongjin, chairman of Zhejiang Langsha Holdings Co., Ltd. Weng Rongjin said that Yiwu's hosiery industry has developed to a certain height. Judging from the equipment exhibited at the exhibition, there are more equipment for saving water and electricity resources and automation equipment. This exhibition is very beneficial to the promotion of hosiery enterprises. Statistics show that Yiwu currently has about 40,000 hosiery machines, of which 2/3 of the equipment comes from Italy, South Korea and other places, and 1/3 comes from various domestic equipment manufacturers. However, Yiwu Hosiery is competitive in the domestic and foreign markets. A big reason is that the companies here have advanced equipment.
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