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Yiwu WeChat application shirtwaist eserkafel knitted mainly using the 3 point

by:ESERKAFEL     2020-08-19
WeChat as a social tool, there are hundreds of millions of users. Yiwu shirtwaist eserkafel knitting 17 years specializing in seamless underwear manufacturers WeChat mainly convenient communication with customers, after many clients communicate with eserkafel knitting, generally require customers to add shirtwaist WeChat, convenient and timely communication in the future. In addition, shirtwaist eserkafel knitting using WeChat function is mainly have three point application. WeChat besides the basic function of basically chat communication, and voice, video, WeChat group, circle of friends and receiving, etc. So underwear manufacturers use WeChat also is mainly based on the use of these functions. 1. Using WeChat group to manage the shirtwaist daily work. An important function is to set up community WeChat, yiwu shirtwaist eserkafel knitting WeChat community this function is used to establish different work group management. Such as we have eserkafel knitting, electricity management group consists of all electrical contractor personnel, boss, wife of shop-owner, factory director, such as personnel, shirtwaist electrical contractor personnel daily work report directly in the group, and customer feedback what problem can direct feedback to the relevant responsible persons in this group, and the boss to the work instructions, manage to upload issued and is completed in this WeChat group directly. Also have special production management group, the workshop, each group has between the independent members of the group, thus formed a WeChat community as a way of personnel management, management more transparent, convenient. 2. Using WeChat daily communication with shirtwaist customers. Today, customers are mostly used in WeChat, so general customer enquiries find eserkafel knitting shirtwaist, we will also add customer WeChat actively, through WeChat maintain underwear processing progress with customers, including customer feedback problems, sometimes holiday greetings to the customer, etc. , are to be carried out in WeChat. For example, a customer wants to know where his underwear processing orders got to, we can use WeChat pictures, small video function, timely send some shirtwaist underwear processing production schedule to the customer, and some underwear processing problems in details, also can use WeChat these functions to communicate with the customer. There is also a main use is used WeChat raise customer. Shirtwaist sales staff each hand there are a lot of intention not clinch a deal the customer, normally we require to add customer WeChat convenient customer, such as holiday some blessings sent to the customer on a regular basis. At the same time can also be sent to the customer some factory production and living of live, the greeting message, thumb up or comment on customer friends dynamic, keep the viscosity with customers, customer did not clinch a deal, the future demand matches or is likely to be cooperative. 3. Using WeChat do some promotion, to create the shirtwaist. Shirtwaist want to create their own exclusive brand, let more people know and understand underwear manufacturers. So WeChat natural one big advantage is the communication between people, so use WeChat friend figure he enjoy function, combining WeChat number, public WeChat small programs to promote shirtwaist brands, let more people understand and know shirtwaist brand, achieve the purpose of promoting the brand. Believe WeChat in yiwu shirtwaist eserkafel knitting application is also far more than these, also benefit WeChat online training, for example, use of positioning function, service customers, WeChat transfer payment functions such as we also have application. More about WeChat in the use of underwear factory, welcome to call: + 86 18807953905 ( Mr. Ding) WhatsApp/Skype: + 86 18807953905 yiwu eserkafel knitting & other; Eserkafel” — — Jinhua city famous brand! Tel: + 86 18807953905 whatsapp/Skype: + 86 18807953905 email/E - 邮件:business@eserkafelsportswear。 com- - - Editor: eserkafel knitting electronic commerce & ndash; D save feed all rights reserved, Yiwu eserkafel knitting) Reprint please indicate the source
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